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    5,000 People Served

    Kirstein Williams is a single mother of three: two girls and one boy. Up until April 2017, Kirstein Williams was sleeping outside under a bridge.

    No house. No furniture. No bed.

    On May 11, 2017, Kirstein received furniture from the Furniture Bank. She and her three child are now together in a safe and furnished home.

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    60% Children

    60% of our clients are children.

    That’s over 3,000 children a year whose families are transitioning out homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, and living with HIV/AIDs.

    By donating $63, you will guarantee a place for a child to lay their head at night.

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    100 Veterans Employed

    Marcus Birdon has gone from a homeless military Veteran to a fully employed truck driver. While in the Veteran Employment Program, Birdon found a new sense of well-being and self-confidence.When asked what his favorite part of the program was, he said, “Seeing the look of joy on the children’s faces when we deliver their beds.”

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    102 Mattresses Diverted

    This year alone, we’ve diverted over 22,000 mattresses from landfills.

    By donating $21, you will provide the funds needed to fuel a truck to deliver old mattresses to a recycling facility.

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    Sponsor 12 Families

    Sponsor a family every month
    in 2018!

    I will sponsor 12 families.

    $408 x 12 families = $4,896

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